Signs of The END

The END of Central
The END of Central Street at Oak

Since the beginning of the plague I have been walking the City streets instead of going to the gym.

Sometime in March I decided to gather photos of the signs that marked the END of streets. Today I uploaded my 450th END to the “Signs of the End” gallery.

The scavenger hunt for ENDs has altered the course of many strolls. Instead of going to a favorite view, I sometimes decide into this non-scenic residential neighborhood because the street leading into it looks like it’s about to END. I find some unexpected fun sites hunting ENDs, and I also see areas that help me understand the diversity of the city.

Many streets don’t formally END. They just don’t go any further. 17th Street ENDs, 18th Street simply peters out, and 19th Street officially ENDs.

More fun is discovering streets that you thought just stopped actually have a new life a few blocks away, maybe on the other side of a hill or park. They start back up again, stop again, and finally END formally a mile or so after the first interruption. Castro Street is my current favorite stuttering ENDing.

Today I decided to explore the area behind and above Kaiser on Geary. That route and the twisty way back home let me snag 6 ends, the ENDs of Anzavista, Barcelona, Central, Nido, Terra Vista, and Vega.

And, Nido and Vega END together.

A double END! Vega and Nido meet their mutual END.

And speaking of alphabetizing the collection, the streets in SmugMug are in alphabetical order. So, you can check to see if I have discovered your favorite END. I also posted ENDs in Facebook for a long while, but their new format made alphabetizing practically impossible.

So, in these END times, I invite you to view your END. Visit the gallery!

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