$500 Million for Bike Lanes. $0 for MUNI

Prop A is being promoted as providing some of the money that MUNI desperately needs to recover from years of deferred maintenance and underfunding.  It turns out that NO money in the bond issue is reserved for fixing MUNI.

Instead, the ballot ordinance offers a laundry list of “transit and road improvements” but doesn’t guarantee any money to any of them. (Check out the details in the official city ordinance).

The legal language says “Projects to be funded under the proposed Bon may include but are not limited to the following:…”  Then there’s list of goodies which includes the opportunity to spend money to “Build streets that enable safe travel for all users and provide safer, well-defined bikeways.”

So while people think that they are authorizing bond money to fix MUNI, they may only be getting more and more and more bike lanes.  $500 million is a lot of bike lanes, but I know some people think you can never have enough.

I want the City to give me a simple proposal to fund MUNI.  I don’t want to fund a smorgasbord of causes that appeal to a coalition self-serving and self-righteous special causes.

Vote NO on A!

0 Million for Bike Lanes.  alt=

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