“But, this election really won’t changing anything…”

Within this first week after the Democratic Congressional victory the bar conversations and blogs are already filling with the futility of choosing between Republicans and Democrats. With a world-weary air, folks are lamenting the Tweedle-Dee Tweedle-Dum two-party system, yearning for Real Choices. Nothing will be really different. Global warming will grow, racial and sexual orientation discrimination will remain, and power will continue to corrupt.

Oh crap. 

Enough of the assertions that both parties are basically the same and that voters have no real choices! That statement is both untrue and a too easy “don’t blame me” hand-wringing hand washing.

There is a huge difference in policy and morality between the in-power leaders of the two tribes. Neither party — or any individual, for that matter — is 100% pure. But, to suggest that there is little practical difference between Republican-control and Democratic-control of Congress is to repeat the canard propagated by the extreme hard-right strategists who cynically rely on low turnout to boost the effectiveness of their perpetually voting base.

The search for perfection is indeed the enemy of the good. The seductive, pseudo-intellectual wariness which allows the perfection seeker to continually distance themselves from commitment and pitching in is more than an enemy, it’s a a powerful evil. It’s a life-cheapening Evil worthy of Biblical note.

Bright people whose idealism, intelligence, and skill should be mobilized for change are sidetracked by this evil down self-absorbed rat holes. They focus on erudite culture, personal adventures, or TiVo’ed movies for solace in a world they feel will never improve.

Mr. or Mrs. Jaded Voted, when you find yourself saying, “But, what does it matter that the Democrats won” I want to shake you. I want to ask you what you’re doing to make sure that it does matter.  And, I am not just talking about making Congressional majorities matter.

Please stop criticizing from the cynical sidelines. Jump into the struggles of my world — I am happy to share the tussles with you. In fact I would very much appreciate your fighting along side.

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