Day 134 – The Final Puppy Shots!


Ever since Auroara (aka then as MUNI) started venturing out of the whelping box on to the floor where people stepped, we have been taking off our street shoes at the door. And, washing our hands before petting her.

Puppies are not immune to many serious viruses that are Out There. They need a series of shots and booster shots against common illnesses. Parvo is the disease the vets are most worried about, but there is distemper, canine influenza, kennel cough, leptospirosis, and other nasty bugs out there.

So, we’ve kept our shoes off and asked visitors to de-shoe and wash up before handling the puppy.

Today we took Auroara to Dr. Chase for her final series of puppy shots! Her final parvo booster, her second and last canine influenza booster, and kennel cough nose spray. Her mother accompanied her and had her own annual exam and shots!

Auroara and Zenith on the exam table being held by Geoffrey
Auroara is seeing Dr Chase for the final puppy shots while Mother Zenith is getting her annual checkup Photo by Dr Jill Chase

Dr. Chase says that Auroara can start meeting the public and go outside on the street in 10-14 days. This means no more shoe changing at the doorway in 2 weeks!

Side note: so the shots become fully effective in 10-14 days. In what world would we, after all this time, decide to not wait the extra 4 days to make sure the shots were completely effective? I can just see a puppy getting sick because we waited only 10 days after the final shot!

A good vet visit. A good milestone.

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