Day 88 – More Quality Outdoor Time!

Today is definitely a day to play outside! … and to take pictures of the puppy!

Under the tutelage of Aunt Apex, Aurora first experimented with a puppy-sized ball. She sniffed it, and was amused.

Aurora and Apex in the yard with a small ball.
Apex gives Aurora the Ball

But Aurora’s real passion remains gardening. Or, maybe it’s hunting truffles

Aurora eating into the trunk of the fallen palm tree.
Aurora Digging In

She’s focused and determined!

Aurora with a mouthful of tree

In the afternoon Aurora practiced looking composed and regal in the back doorway.

Aurora Relaxing in the Doorway
Aurora Relaxing in the Doorway

Of course, it is difficult to look too professional when you have sticks coming out of your mouth.

Aurora relaxing in the doorway with small sticks in her mouth
Relaxing with a Snack

a reminder …

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