One if By Land, 862 if By Electrons

Link to AT&T story received diggs 862 by 1 pmIt’s not exactly Paul Revere-worthy, but I am pleased to see that the Chronicle’s story on AT&T’s new privacy policy that I submitted at has hit a nerve.  It reached the front page of the site this afternoon. Top 10 Stories
This is only story I’ve sent in to digg.  Kinda cool.

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2 Responses to One if By Land, 862 if By Electrons

  1. otterpop58 says:

    the story made it to slashdot too

  2. ozdachs says:

    After 24 hours 1852 people dug the story.  So, the news is out. Now it’s time to act like a consumer and a constituent.
    AT&T Privacy story received 1852 diggs after 24 hours

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