215 Books for Theatre Rhino

Who knew that we had 215 books piled up in the garage ready to go to Community Thrift?

Our house and its bookcases and shelves are all filled, so we have had to cull books we’re not likely to enjoy again.

Today I brought the collection that has been languishing on the floor of our garage for over a year down to the thrift store. 

I wonder how much money Theatre Rhinoceros will get from the 107 hardback and 108 paperback books in good+ condition. 

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5 Responses to 215 Books for Theatre Rhino

    • bigjohnsf says:

      Thrift Score!

      It’s O.K., I’ll probably end up buying them next Half-Price First Monday during my monthly pilgrimage.

      • ozdachs says:

        Re: Thrift Score!

        Mmmmm… okay. You and the whole Sewing Circle have had a standing invitation to take what looked interesting to you. I think y’all pawed over the stack pretty good.

        But, it is noble of you to pay and support local non profits!

  1. fyellin says:

    I wished I’d known. I just gave away four boxes of books and DVDs.

  2. allanh says:

    [ears perking up]

    They take books? As in, the eight cartons of books I no longer want?

    Ooooooooooooooh. You’ve just made my day, handsome man with warm heart and cold hands.

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