A Cheap Shot You Can Believe In

Bailout Mascot

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  1. robinedgar says:

    Believe it or not. . .

    With some minor modification aka tweaking that “cheap shot” could be applied quite nicely to Unitarian*Universalism as a religion. I just might have to do it on The Emerson Avenger blog, if only to prove my point. As it is, I posted a few other cheap shots U*Us can believe in in the last few days. . . 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Believe it or not. . .

      That was quick work. 😉

      The Unitarian*Universalist Association Of Congregations today announced that it is changing its religious symbol from the Flaming Chalice to an inflated condom because it more accurately reflects the U*U Movement’s religious stance.

      A condom allows for false hopes of growth, halts reproduction, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives U*Us a sense of security while U*Us are actually being screwed.

      To my fellow U*Unitarians, it really doesn’t get much more accurate than this.

      • robinedgar says:

        From Flaming Chalice To Aging Condom. . .

        The newer and improved*er version of the above, with in*appropriate embedded hyperlinks of course, is now available for perU*Usal on The Blog That Cannot Be Named. I gave you credit where credit was due Ozdachs.

        U*Us know what they say. . .

        Beware The Ides of March. 🙂

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