Amazon: I am not sure all the facts are out yet.

I am not a conspiracy theory buff, in general. However, the lack of clarity in Amazon’s response is bad.

At the very least Amazon deserves the negative #amazonfail attention for their terrible PR response.

Where are their lead executives explaining what happened?  The confession press conference was s.o.p., because it works! 

I am not sure all the facts are out yet.

My programming background makes me wonder.  I just don’t get the feeling that Amazon’s explanation is complete.  What was the algorithm that caused the problem?  Will Amazon share on the words that snagged Heather Has Two Mommies but left a Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality with a ranking?

Amazon has a shifting-sand problem with their explanation. And, where are the senior executives doing the mandatory (and effective) tell-all press conference?

There are many people at Amazon who are not doing a very good job.

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