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Dilbert cartoonThanks to, and with redozdachs, we had a great trip to Seattle. 

The A/C fly-in gave me a few deluded moments where I felt adequate at C3A. The fly-in dinners, drinks, and conversations were comfortable.  And, our anniversary night Sunday at the Inn at the Market was perfect!

But, enough about me.

A week without reading blogs gave me over 150 entries to enjoy yesterday.  Interesting stuff — especially the carefully written comments on Coming Out Day and personal insights. (Thanks for sharing.  Really.  Thank you!)

If there was any revelation gained the perspective of my week of bloglessness it was the number of appropriate friends-only posts being written.  Now that Google is indexing blogs, more than just friendly cognoscenti can find our thoughts and read the stress-releasing (or at least satisfying) rants.

We’ve caught up with the truth that Dilbert already knew: bosses can read blogs!

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