Getting In Trouble at Gold’s

I know how I’m supposed to get in trouble at the gym.  I read all the signs in the locker room about what will get me on management’s black list.

But, I did it a different way.

Gold's Gym logo I went up to the desk at Brannan Street Gold’s Thursday morning just after they broke into the house music to deliver a 30-second spiel on their sun tanning booth special.  I told the desk clerks that I really didn’t like having commercials interrupting the background music, especially since we’re kind of a captive audience while working out.

“We tell people about the tanning specials because a lot of our members like to tan,” said the first guy.

“No, you’re selling something to us, ” I replied. And, said fairly calmly that I didn’t like spending money on a gym membership and then have to listen to announcements of blue light specials over the sound system.

That roused the second clerk.  “What’s your name and membership number?” he demanded.  He said he wanted it so he could tell the manager that I was complaining… and it sounded like he was telling the manager to report me as a bad boy for telling them that I didn’t like the announcements.

Well, I avoid groceries stores that sell me while I’m in the aisles, I don’t go to K-Mart (the home of the blue light), and I really don’t like paying dues to a club and having them chat me up to buy more of their services while I am in their building.  

Geesh!  Why can’t I get in trouble with the prissy queens at the gym desk the way I am supposed to?

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