How Do You Report Sales Calls Coming to Your Cell Phone?

We’ve  been getting sales calls directly to Geoff’s cell phone.  The automated voice says she’s calling about our car warranty is about to expire. (That’s unlikely, since one car is new and the other is 16 years old.)

The calls have been from:
562 228-7160
502 894-0098.

Today Geoff pushed “1” to speak to a representative. The guy immediately asked for the type of car and year we had.  Geoff parried with questions about who his company is. The guy said he was from Great Atlantic Warranty in Florida.

Geoff doesn’t give out his cell number, and nothing forwards to it.  So… these call spammers are using some cell phone list.

Anyone know who/how to report them?

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    • ozdachs says:

      Thanks… we’ll look at the FL Attorney General link.

      I wonder who enforces the regular Do Not Call and if they do something about people spamming cell phones. Hmmmm!

  1. Anonymous says:

    warranty calls

    Report them to the FCC – prerecorded calls to cell phones are illegal:

  2. sfmini says:

    I don’t know about you, when I get salespeople on the telephone I usually stop them and say that the person that they’re calling is dead. cuts down on those repeat calls

    • ozdachs says:

      Unfortunately these have been AUTOMATED crap calls. The robots keep calling.

      Geoff pressed the buttons today as if he were going to buy, but that takes time. And, what do you think the chances these law breakers are going to stop calling even when asked in person.

      Geeze! They give salespeople a terrible name.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Auto Warranty Call to Cell Phones

    If everyone would please call TOLL FREE 1-888-898-8778 ext. 33, the number I found on-line for Great Atlantic Warranty, it’ll start to cost the blinkers money and maybe they’ll stop harassing us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Auto Warranty Call to Cell Phones

      I’ve been getting the calls too – several times a week, all hours of the day, on my cell phone. The phone number is usually (562) 228-7160. But area code 562 is LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA – so why is the company in Florida?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m using my fax machine to call them over and over again. If hundreds or thousands of people did this, we could create a mighty large phone bill for them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    fight back

    I’ve been getting these calls on all my phones for months, they won’t take me off their lists and call my cell during the day costing me minutes! They are abusive, they try to scam people out of their money, and THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED.
    I like this idea of flooding them with a bunch of toll-free calls at their expense, lets do this!!!
    1. Their number is 888-898-8778, which they will change once this campaign starts taking effect… SO lets post any new numbers they might have, also if they call again….see if you can get their toll-free number and post it
    2. ‘Skype OUT’ lets you call toll-free number all day long for no charge. So call them, mute them (or f**k with them), wait till they hang up, and repeat. Its fun.
    3. I like scripting, here is an applescript that calls them, waits till they hang up, then calls them again. Put it on a bunch of macs, let it run, its fun:

    tell application “Skype”
    send command “CALL +18888988778” script name “My Other Script”
    end tell
    end repeat

    does anyone know an easy way to script skype on a PC?
    Caller ID: 1-562-228-7169
    Caller Type: Telemarketer

  6. ozdachs says:

    How Many Wrongs Does it Take to Make a Right?

    Making annoying phone calls, especially automated ones, isn’t my way to get even.

    First, it’s probably illegal. And, telling the judge that they did it first isn’t a winning legal defense.

    Second, it’s probably not effective. I kinda believe that professional scum organizations have phone software sophisticated enough to block attacks.

    Finally, it’s lowering yourself to the level of the scum sucking phone spammers.

    I filed my FCC complaint. That’s me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great Atlantic Warranty

    Hello, I am a customer rep at Great Atlantic Warranty. For the purpose of this forum please address me as GAWHelpguy.

    We do not buy “cell phone lists”. That in itself is illegal.

    There are many ways a data warehouse can obtain your personal information and then resell it to other companies for marketing.
    A data warehouse can get your information through things such as a credit check, contests, applying for a loan, agreeing to an online user agreement, filling out a warranty card for a product, even getting married or having a baby.

    All these listed activities and more so can put your personal information into the hands of a data collection agency known as a data warehouse who in turn, sells your info.

    We all are subject to this sort of problem. Our info is marketed and packaged to further commerce. Add numbers you don’t want called to the National Do Not Call Registry.

    follow the link below to go to the National Do Not Call Registry, once there follow the instructions on the site.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Great Atlantic Warranty

      Our house is on the Do Not Call list, and you call us anyway. Not only that, but why do you train your reps to scream “Shut up” over and over again when I say that I asked you guys not to call again? You’re running an illegal and illegitimate operation, and you know it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Going to the rally? Or to 440?

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