Hurricane Relief

How easy is it to donate for hurricane relief?

Darn easy. And convenient.

First there’s the Red Cross’ site .  It gets bogged down (and, that’s a good thing, Martha), but it works. has it’s own Red Cross donation page.  It’s fast, after-all, Amazon is used to collecting money, eh?  You can also enjoy watching the total amount increase every time you refresh your browser.

Daddy’s Bar/440 Castro will be doing a benefit Sunday from 4 -8 pm.  Geoff and I will be there.

Craig’s List is pitching in with a Katrina resource page.  Craig’s List also has pages for each damaged city where people can post messages, offer shelter, and volunteer. Check out the page for New Orleans.

Google’s main search page includes a link to the donation page.  And,… well…, if you are able to give and want to, you’ll stumble across a link wherever you go.

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  1. billeyler says:

    Had tried to donate to ARC online yesterday on another site, but my cc was rejected. Stumbled across the Google/Amazon site early this morning, and it only took 15 seconds to donate, since all my credit card information was already in the Amazon wallet!

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