Hurricanes, Ho!

A true relation of my weather-worried grandmother, I am still scarfing up information on hurricanes.  I find the carnival-like, “Oh Boy, it’s going to be a disaster!” commentary on television distasteful.  But, I also find myself surfing for details.

Some favorite factiods:

The list of hurricane names is posted at on a government NASA page. If the Internet can be believed, there are six lists of names, each used for a complete hurricane season. No “Q”, “U”, “X”, “Y” and “Z” names appear.

Terrapin Associates has a hurricane archive which allows you to search by storm name or location back into the 1800’s!  That’s where I found my grandmother’s nemesis, Hurricane Donna.  The site also provides a JavaScript track of each storm — click to see how
Hurricane Donna visited southeastern Massachusetts in 1960.

Maybe Grandmother would have liked the Internet after all.

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