If You Like Donald Trump, You’ll Love Bernie Sanders

If you want a President who speaks straight-forwardly and without a focus-group filter you can vote for Donald Trump. But, I like Bernie Sanders’ soul better.  And, I think most Americans will like Bernie more, too.

In today’s 1%-take-all world, there is room for righteous anger like that displayed by Sanders. But, Trump-style self-righteous anger against people weaker (or simply more polite) than you is the behavior of a bully, not of a President.   Trump is fun to watch when his scorn is directed at a pompous politician, but watching it feels like guilty pleasure.  It’s like watching the smack down scenes in a low-rent reality show.

The fed-up Americans who enjoy Trump’s lack of a political correctness screen will like Bernie’s equal honesty.

Bernie clearly condemns policies and programs that further enrich the already rich, and he bluntly confronts those who support the skewing of the tax code to give even more to those who already have more.

On the other hand, Trump bellows so consistently and stupidly, I wonder how honest he actually is. How much of his blow-ups reflect what Trump actually believes? Or, is his outrageousness as calculated and disingenuous as is the mealy-mouthed non-answers of his competitors on the Republican stage?

Ranting and raving is natural for teenagers as they discover that only they have the answers to the world’s problems.  Why are Mom and Dad and other adults so stupid?

Trump has an endless supply of teenage intolerance, but his wrath is thoughtless and set off more like a canister of poison gas in a movie theater.

Bernie gets angry at injustice and the people who attempt to defend indefensible inequality.  But, even then he’s civil and careful.  He has declined to attack Hillary Clinton’s character, and instead wants to talk about policies and positions.

Donald Trump is a destructive Bezerker.  I hope his supporters will decide that they want to support another honest, no-nonsense man who wants to build up the country and not just destroy.

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