Just Saying  No

no, NO, No, No, No, no.

I am concerned about the state’s fiscal future.  I know that the Boy Who Cried Wolf ultimately had a point. 

But, damn it.  I wouldn’t hire a house cleaner who promised only to sweep dirt under the rug. So, “No” on 1 A-E.

In addition, class size reduction requires too many teachers and facilities without providing educational benefits.  So, “NO” on 1B.

1A may be reform, but it is too confusing. It’s all things to all people, an old streetwalker promising anything to pick up the trick. 

1F does nothing substantial and is meant only as a PR pressure release.  “But look, we’re not getting a raise, Mr. Voter.  So, don’t get mad at us — we’re suffering, too.”  And, it’s stupid, because it keeps lawmakers from getting a salary increase when the state’s budget is expected to end the year in a deficit.  Doesn’t the state constitution already mandate a balanced budget? So, now when we violate the constitution, there’s Plan B?



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