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Putting out my church’s e-newsletter this week I did some reading of links on giving sites.

Lot’s of good work is being done, but I am a cynic. Not only are the recent tsunmais horrific disasters, but they are also a business opportunity for some people. I guess my years as a police dispatcher validated my natural New England skepticism.

Here are the aid links I most like:

  1. American Institute of Philanthropy lists organizations providing relief who deliver the most services per dollar donated.  Too many organizations spend most of their money on third-party fundraising consultants.  The AIP links to organizations who deliver a majority of the money donated to the people in need, and they rate the groups listed on their site. 

    There are a reassuring bundle of aid organizations posted.  You can pick the ones who are focused on the recipient/country/effort that appeals to you most while selecting non-religious or religious programs that make you most comfortable.

  2. KGO Radio has a nice list of non-profits providing aid to the Southeast Asia victims.

Happy New Year — Happy Giving.

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