Live Journal Features 101

Scrapbook integration with Live JournalI guess if I read that Scrapbook offers “Full integration with your LiveJournal” enough times, I’ll get it. Even if big words sometimes puzzle me.

The latest version of Semagic got me to figure it out.  The version change notice touted the ability to copy an image to the PC clipboard and paste it into a LJ entry. (Semagic first saves it on my disk and then points to it as
file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Galen/My%20Documents/file2.png . When it’s uploaded, the image URL gets changed to a Scrapbook URL.  )

I haven’t figured out a way to view all my LJ post pictures in Scrapbook — or even see a list of them to tell how much space I’m using. But, this cut-and-paste feature sure makes it easier to include pictures in posts.

Please don’t tell me that the ability has always been there.  That would be be too depressing!

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  1. quirrc says:

    URLs are converted and images are uploaded only if it is inside img src=.. tag, not a href=… link.

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