Maureen McGovern at the Rrazz Room

The curse of the Rrazz Room Cabaret is that its runs are so short that you cannot tell people of great performances there before they are over.  We enjoyed Maureen McGovern there last night immensely, but she’s gone after tonight’s show.  But, if you act quickly there’s still time to Come On Down!

The live Maureen has more power and personality than the too melodic, blandish Maureen I recall from recordings.  She was accompanied at the Rrazz Room by only piano and bass, and that’s all she needed when she sang arrangements of  the Beatles, Pete Seeger, and Simon and Garfunkel. 

She touched the holy folk-rock hymns of my youth, and sang them mostly slower with more annunciation and clarity than the original.  She played with folk-rock fire, and gave us an enhanced, very emotionally satisfying show.

Geoff spent the cab ride home talking about the great range of McGovern’s voice.  He is right, of course.  Her voice is beautiful.  For me, though, more than her control of the notes, it was arrangements and feelings that made the songs.

This post is short so I can get this up for people in San Francisco to make their plans for tonight!

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