One Day, 18 Hours, and Change

HRJ 101 fixing the time of the start of the 110th Congress
As we watched the funeral of President Gerald Ford this morning, the passing of Presidents was on my mind.  I’m still not over the assassination decade of the ’60’s. I have a lingering worry in the back of my mind whenever I see a President in public.

This morning the President and Vice President were sitting almost next to each other in the National Cathedral.  As much as I’d like them out of office, a sudden violent strike against them is not on my list of wishes. 

And, no one would want House Speaker Denis Hastert to be President.  It was probably safe for them to appear together today.

redozdachs and I chatted back and forth about the Constitutionality of it all.  If both Bush and Chaney would die today, tomorrow, or up to a bit past noon on Thursday, Hastert would finish out the term as President.

Come Thursday, a new Speaker will be third in line to the office.

I still don’t want martyr-hood for Bush and Chaney.  But, “President Pelosi” sounds a lot better than President Hastert”. 

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