Paris, March 14, 2006 – September 20, 2022

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Paris is the most amazing gift we have ever received. Paris was a Champion show girl, and Geoffrey handled SeQueL and competed against Paris in the ring. They competed and flirted while they all looked for a nod from the judge.

Then one afternoon we received a phone call from Mary Louie, Paris’ owner. She asked if we would accept Paris into our pack, explaining she and her husband were splitting up.  I hate to see relationships end, but there was no hesitation that we would love to have Paris.

Geoffrey holds a newly arrived Paris in our backyard

Geoffrey holds a newly arrived Paris in our backyard.
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Paris always had her own classy style, and she loved being a surrogate mother and willing playmate. She was devilish while looking regal.

Paris "Gardening" in the Backyard

Paris studiously NOT jumping in the flower box

Paris in Apex and Zenith's whelping box along with SeQueL

Paris in Apex and Zenith’s whelping box along with SeQueL

Paris also had two unique, strong, spectacular abilities.

Most important, she let people relax and feel their emotions when holding her. Her support and love let an impressive number of adult men break down and cry.

We’d leave a visitor in the backyard with Paris while we fetched snacks, and we would return to see Paris being hugged while she licked the tears from their face. This happened a weirdly high number of times.

Firooz and Paris Snuggle

Firooz and Paris Happily Snuggle – No tears here!

This special bonding talent was strong when she was in the prime of her life, and it also continued into her maturity. Just last year our 30ish neighbors came over and met the pack. Ever since that visit they ask how Paris is doing as if the other girls were in the backup chorus.

Thank you, Paris, for being such a warm dog.

Now her other special talent is just as strong but not quite as charming.
Paris had the instinctive ability to be underfoot.
Her whole life she has suddenly shown up under me while I am chopping food for dinner. Or, I’ll turn around and on an unplanned impulse I will head for the refrigerator, only to have my leg bang into Paris’ side.

It’s not just me. She can predict where Geoff, our guests, anyone is about to walk and beat them there.

More amazing is that despite her recent blindness there has been no lessening of the ESP that gets her in front of me, even when I had no idea I was going in that direction.

Very fun… in retrospect. But, how did she do it so well so consistently?

For 16 1/2 years and one week, she blessed this side of the rainbow bridge. Thank you, Paris. We will miss you greatly.

Enjoy her memorial video at or visit her photo gallery at

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One Response to Paris, March 14, 2006 – September 20, 2022

  1. Karen Sullivan says:

    Galen and Geoff I am so sorry to learn about Paris. What a sweetheart she was. Clearly she was a great addition to your pack. She was as fortunate to have you two as the two of you were to have her.
    Cherish the memories.

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