Day 189: Walkies!

Despite working seven days a week, Geoffrey has taken Auroara out on 23rd Street for her first two outside walks this past Sunday and the Sunday before. Her first excursion was on her six month birthday, and we took some pictures of that event.

Today, Auroara remembered that going out front was not the end of the world. She hung back a little at first, but after just one house, she was surveying the street and deciding that the front door world at least smelled interesting.

Auroara standing in a show pose as she looks downhill on 23rd Stree
Day 189 – Surveying the Street

She did quite well walking, sniffing, and exploring… until as we approached the corner, PEOPLE appeared! A gaggle of PEOPLE, with these strange-looking and acting small PEOPLE.

Auroara on 23rd St with young neighbor girls
Day 189 Do I Trust Them

The human girls were very patient and interested in Auroara. Unfortunately, our girl never gave in and decided it was okay to eat the treats the humans offered her.

Day 189 - Resisting Temptation
Day 189 – Resisting Temptation

As soon as the girls and their parents gave up, Auroara pulled on her leash to follow them stealthily, watching and making sure that their backs remained turned.

We hung back, though, and let the humans go up the hill unmolested.

Once home, Auroara showed no ill effects from the experience. She rejoined the pack and restarted her enjoyment of the day.

Auroara in the sun in the backyard.
Day 189 – Auroara in the Backyard Sun
(actually photographed before the walk)
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