Playing with Puppies

Geoff and Galen and PinkLast weekend redozdachs and I visited the home of the woman who bred Syntax (our healthy 17 year old) and Audit (who died last month at 16 years. Ellen, the breeder, wanted to see Syntax who is her oldest surviving offspring.

Syntax had a big day for an old girl, but maintained her composure in style.  I’ve posted pictures on Facebook.

We hadn’t seen Ellen in 12 years.  She’d gotten married and stopped breeding and started playing with grandchildren.  Recently, though, she was given a beautiful dog with great bloodlines (with a connection to Audit).  Ellen’s first litter in probably a decade was about 10 weeks old when we visited last week.

Ellen says plans on keeping all the puppies that are true to breed enough to take to shows. Right now all three girls have show potential. So, we were not there to look at puppies to take home. Really. Even if Pink (the lump on redozdachs‘ chest) followed him around and cried at the fence when we left.

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4 Responses to Playing with Puppies

  1. fyellin says:

    I thought heterosexuals got married so that they could start breeding.

    (Sorry, I cuoldn’t resist).

  2. redsquared says:

    Pink looks so cute, I can’t see how you resisted taking her home!

    • ozdachs says:

      Yeah, she’s adorable! However, the breeder’s official line is that she’s keeping all of the dogs that are show quality. We told her, though, that we’re going dress in long coats with big pockets the next time we visit.

  3. ozdachs says:

    Thanks, but there’s no credit given for posting pictures of puppies or children. Too easy!

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