Restaurant Review: J. George’s Teriyaki and Hamburger Donuts

J. George's Teriyaki and Hamburger Donut signCatch the newest food find and savor the savory creations of noted chef J. George.

Enjoy a special tasting flight of her world-famous fusion donuts cooked fresh daily in this Mission-district establishment. From the succulent hamburger donut to the subtitle teriyaki variant (both featured on the sign in the picture), the intense flavors are incredible.

Additional menu items include the popular vegetarian alternative, an asparagus beet ragout donut. Of course, for the hard-core eaters of seared mammal flesh, there may still be some rabbit and lamb donuts left over from last week’s Easter special.

LJ insiders invite you to just show up or call them for additional information. Group organizers suggest that straight male participants over 18 may want to bring a couple extra 20’s in order to enjoy the other entertainment and educational opportunities of the neighborhood.

J. George’s Teriyaki and Hamburger Donuts is located at the southeast corner of 16th and Folsom.  Don’t worry about parking. Your car won’t be there when you get back anyway.

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