Stimulous Overload: the Disease of San Francisco

Senator George McGovernMy mind has been stuck in “receive only” mode for nearly a week.

Last Thursday we heard Senator George McGovern (pictured left) talk about American foreign policy at the Commonwealth Club.

Tony KushnerFriday we listened to Tony Kushner (pictured right) chat on stage with Berkeley Rep’s artist director, Tony Taccone

Saturday both Geoff and I went to an all-day class on Spiritual Paths and Practices Among the World’s Religions at the Unitarian Universalist church.  There were only five of us in this class:  Geoff, a nurse, two ministers, and me.  George Williams, the man who conducted the session, is a former Cal State professor.  I felt like I was suddenly in an advanced seminar when I meant to walk into the door of the introductory class.  Great stuff.

Each of these events are worthy of contemplation and journaling. Deep, fun, surprisingly interesting.

But together they result in indecision and intellectual paralysis.  How can I write about Kushner first when Senator McGovern was so important to my late teens?  And, how can I come up with even a half adequate comment about the religion class? 

Studying C3A squaredancing and Sunday’s class only intensified my receive-only mood and mode.  How can I Plan Ahead when “Keep Busy” is the current mantra?

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2 Responses to Stimulous Overload: the Disease of San Francisco

  1. fuzzygruf says:

    What were the calls that Harlan taught on Sunday? I hate missing class!

    • ozdachs says:

      What Harlan Taught on Sunday…

      (as opposed to what I learned…)
      Breaker n/any call
      Slant family
      Plan Ahead

      The others on the list he held off on as there was lots of rust on most of the class members. So, no Swing Chain Thru or Team up.

      It was my first class with Peel Chain Thru and Reach Out, because I had missed the first session in January.

      Harlan is calling Thursday night, so we can probably practice class level C3A then.

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