… Swiftly Launched Assault Overwhelmed Police; Home Affairs Mininister Steps Down

Wall Street Journal Photo on the Indian Terror Strike
photo- Wall Street Journal

Today’s Wall Street Journal headline renewed my inability to understand how the United States reacted to September 11th.

When India’s government failed to protect its citizens from terror, cabinet ministers and other officials are fired.

When 9/11 occurred, no one was fired. 

Instead, rights-limiting laws were passed even though our intelligence agencies had had a lot of information about the impending attack.  Our intelligence agencies did not talk to each other or act on the information they had. 

President Bush and his administration used 9/11 to create more fear and successfully projected the image that only Republicans could adequately protect the country.

Except, of course, 9/11 occurred when President Bush was in office and when his incompetents failed to recognize the threats and failed to protect the country.

The directors of the FBI and CIA, the National Security Advisor (wasn’t that C. Rice?), and the Attorney General escaped all responsibility. President Bush was considered the hero who would keep us safe from Osama and his crew.

Now that’s marketing.

The Journal article under the headline detailed the attacks and siege. It is one of the best pieces of journalism I have read.  It’s clear, chronological, logical, and also filled with horror.  If you don’t have the Journal available to you, send me an email, and I’ll send you a link to the copyrighted story.

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One Response to … Swiftly Launched Assault Overwhelmed Police; Home Affairs Mininister Steps Down

  1. fuzzygruf says:

    I agree with the intent of this post. But there WERE people fired because of 9/11. Not government officials/operatives who should have taken ownership, but low-level airport security personnel who were not TSA-eligible.

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