Tax and Finanical Planning Guide anyone?

Free Tax Planning Guide OfferOne of my consulting engagements is to do the marketing for Geoff’s CPA firm.  Sterck Kulik O’Neill accounting group is a 16-person company with the the intensity, warmth, care, quirkiness, and professionalism that illustrate to me why I like dealing with smaller businesses. 

Their partners care about each marketing action because the incremental results — even a single new client for their firm — is noticeable.  After years of working for a large corporation where it was hard to find a budget where $100,000 made a significant impact, this more human and immediate scale of activity is simply more fun!

One of the recent campaigns is an offer for a free financial and tax planning booklet. The 32-page pamphlet is professionally done and has good, general purpose tips and tax law updates.  It won’t help anyone to fill out their complicated partnership tax return, but most people will either have an “aha!” moment or two or else their egos will be pleasantly petted as they are reassured about the wisdom of their existing plans.

The firm sends out these guides every year to their clients. This year they ordered extra, and have been using the booklets to get their name out. They’ve been sending them to anyone who fills out an online request, and they have publicized their availability in newsletters, web sites, and Craig’s List. 

While I was working on the firm’s web page this morning, I thought that friends and blog readers might want a copy.  No need to be a business or to be looking for an accountant!  No salesman will call! (Okay, you might get an electronic newsletter or a postcard from time to time, but each one has an opt out option.)  No obligation!


If you’d like the tax and financial planning booklet they are offering, just fill out the form.

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