The Boys of OSF

The Boys of OSF group shotPaul Michael Garcia

The Daedalus Project is a AIDS benefit produced each year by the company of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

The Daedalus highlight is an evening talent show held in the outdoor Elizabethan Theater, but there are many events during the day including a sale of OSF art/props/signed scripts, free outdoor entertainment, and play reading.  There’s also a 10k run the Sunday before the Monday activities.

This year’s Daedalus Project included beefcake (twinkcake?) pictures of some of the young men in the cast.

Of course we didn’t have any prurient interest in the photographs.  But, we bought the full set of pictures because we thought we should support the charity.

Checkout the gallery of The Boys of OSF.

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  1. fuzzygruf says:

    How, um, charitable of you!

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