To the President on the Occasion of His Caving on Tax Cuts for the Rich

Dear Mr. President:

I am so disappointed at the lack of passion and commitment to what you campaigned for. Who would have thought that a black Chicago politician had the political skills of a doormat?

Mr. President, you are being a wuss.

Unfortunately your poor negotiating skills will hurt the country, grow our debt, and lead the right-wing to expect more craven behavior in the future.

IF the deal had been for a one-year extension of the tax rates in exchange for unemployment benefits, a vote on START and DADT, then you could claim compromise.  What you are settling for is the right to bow and scrape at Boehner’s feet.


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One Response to To the President on the Occasion of His Caving on Tax Cuts for the Rich

  1. abqdan says:

    Obama is a nice, honest guy who is well intentioned. He’s also a centrist, but that was clear even in the 2008 election cycle.

    As much as I hate to agree with one word uttered by McCain, Obama is naive. He actually thought that giving in to everyone would promote bipartisanship. The Republican definition of bipartisanship? “You do what I want, completely and utterly, or there is no deal”.

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