Transmit Only Mode

Collage of Lake TahoeBoth Geoff and I tried to tell people ahead of time that we’d be incommunicado April 17 – 24th for our post tax season unwinding and computer game family therapy session.

We’re enjoying Lake Tahoe and each other. We aren’t counting puffs of different color smoke. We aren’t gambling or cavorting from bar to bar. We’re not even checking email: I am in transmit-only mode uploading blogs, comments, and pictures. 

Of course we did leave word with key people on how to reach us in an emergency.  Funny what’s an emergency.

Each of us have gotten a message from the Real World asking for help on a relatively routine task.  Fortunately, the only “emergency” is a short deadline.  If we were in town, we could pitch in and help. 

But, we’re not, and we’re puzzled. 

So, I took a few pictures.  Some show the area around the resort, the others are views from our morning drive around the lake. 

We’ll give the URL of the pictures to anyone else who contacts us for task-oriented assistance.  I hope the photos will help any callers from the Real World understand our mental focus.

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2 Responses to Transmit Only Mode

  1. fuzzygruf says:

    Nice pictures. I especially like the LJ pic of all the pics. Neat idea!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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