Unusual interests meme

Today’s bright and shiny oddness is a meme that tries to decide what I might be interested in by …
Step 1: extracting my interests.COMPLETED.
Step 2: extracting users who share my rarer interests
Interests Processed: gay square dancing, challenge square dancing, COMPLETED.
Step 3: extracting *their* interests . COMPLETED
Step 4: Counting and sorting interests . COMPLETED

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. hairy chests score: 7
2. hairy men score: 7
3. iagsdc score: 6
4. furry men score: 6
5. gay bears score: 6
6. starbears score: 5
7. castro score: 4
8. friends with benefits score: 4
9. gaybears score: 4
10. tales of the city score: 4
11. bear411 score: 4
12. leathermen score: 4
13. lone star saloon score: 4
14. hairrison score: 3
15. ♂♂ score: 3
16. bearish guys score: 3
17. leather bears score: 3
18. square dance calling score: 3
19. 94114 score: 3
20. donna summer score: 3

Wow, do some of these interests NOT sound like me!  “Friends with benefits”?   Or even more unlikely, “Donna Summer?”

I think I’ll pass on adding interests to my profile and instead stick to yak breeding this afternoon.

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