Why I Like Living in the City, Part MMMCXXVI

Yesterday The City was warmer than anywhere else. People I spoke with from Ashland to Phoenix were in cooler weather, and the computer screen showed that all of my favorite cities were cooler.

I was tempted to whine when the inside temperature went over 90 yesterday afternoon. Instead, I changed into shorts for the night baseball game we had tickets for.

About 5:30 redozdachs and I took an empty MUNI car to the first surface stop along the Embarcadero. We walked along waterfront, past Red’s Java House and memorial columns to past seafarers to the cleaned-up grassy area around the ballpark. Chamber of Commerce views of golden sun on water and buildings everywhere we looked!

Barry BondsAnd, then were was the 5th inning. 9 runs, including, what?, 3 home runs?!

Okay, the umpires were not right about the first home run: we were in lower level seats about even with the left-field wall and don’t think the ball went over the wall and was touched by a fan. But, how cool is it to have a bad call go your way?! Besides, even the NY Post admits that Barry Zito’s first hit of the season (and second lifetime) and the other homers were as real as the back-to-back Mets errors were surreal.

We enjoyed the (rapaciously expensive) hot dogs, ice cream, garlic fries, garlic chicken, lemonade, beer, wine, and gin.

[All but one of ] our neighbors even paid attention to the game and didn’t spend their time on their cell phones waving to friends across the stadium.

We still wonder why about one-third of the crowd suddenly showed up in the top of the 5th inning, half-way through the game. Or why 2/3 of the “fans” are out the doors before the final out.  Their loss!

Shirt shelves and shorts were plenty warm, too.

We got on the first MUNI that took us to Castro Station in about 30 minutes. A bus was coming over the hill, so we were home about 40 minutes after the game let out.

There was still time for water and gin in the dark of our back yard before retiring under a whirring fan.

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