A Completely Wonderful Vacation Completed

Geoff and Galen on Mauna Kea
Geoff and Galen on Mauna Kea

Ten days at sea with Geoffrey and four days visiting Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii are complete.  I won't attempt wordy superlative descriptions, but I will organize and share the best of the 889 photographs over the next weeks.

We expected good sites and great moments together.  We got them.  We didn't anticipate getting to know the excellent young people who were the crew in our breakfast spot called Sabatini's. They ran the room like a family restaurant, owned by a close and caring family.  We changed our plans so we ate dinner in their care four times and would love to hear from them in the future.

But, the descriptions of the Sabatini's crew, the sea days, the excursions, the interesting and fun  passengers and bar stewards we met in the One5 bar won't make interesting reading en mass.  So enough for now.

We are back.  Happy. Blessed with friends and our pack.

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