A Great Place to Stay in Puerto Vallarta

… and finally an updated website!

Friends in Ashland have a terrific vacation home in the Conchas Chinas area of Puerto VallartaPuerto Vallarta Sunset They’ve had a web site for several years, but it has some problems that made it difficult to find on search engines and awkward to maneuver around. A while ago they asked me to update some pictures and edit in search-engine promotion-type stuff.  “No problem!” I said.


Their site had been created in FrontPage and then updated with non-FrontPage authoring tools.  There were no longer FrontPage borders, no templates, and no way to update the FrontPage created photogalleries.  I could replace images by file name, but couldn’t change the layout or anything else. 


 It wasn’t my friend’s fault, of course.  And, I learned an awful lot about what updating FrontPage webs outside of FrontPage does.

Finally, after days of out-of-scope (and therefore unbillable to friends) time, the site is updated and maintainable.  It’s now a “normal” website — probably with its share of typos and stuff.  But, the pages, tables, layout, and photos can be changed with only human effort.  No superhuman required! Whew!

In any event, the site is finally ready for public consumption and clicking!

Casa de la HojaGeoff and I stayed in the upper rental house (Casa de la Hoja, pictured right) in 2003 with Hollis, Mary Pat, and Sarah.  It was relaxing and without obvious flaws then — and it and its sister casa were extensively renovated last year. 

We’re going back around Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to learning how the property has been improved.  Two years ago we enjoyed the perfect location — a 10-minute walk from the Playa de los Muertos and the bars — the privacy, and the warmth.  The house staff were embarrassingly competent and helpful, too!  It will be a great place to celebrate Hollis’ birthday.

Sunstyle Properties’ and their rental homes are one of my customers I can recommend without reservation.  They also have a rental house on the private end of Warm Sands in Palm Springs.  Lionel says it’s very nice, and he isn’t into sales hyperbole.  We haven’t stayed there, we and tend to think of PV before PS when we’re doing warm.  But, if you’re a desert person, I’d give it a shot!

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