Robert W. Davolt

Robert W. DavoltSan Francisco writer, publisher and humorist Robert Wayne Davolt, 47, died on the 16th day of May, 2005, after a brief battle with cancer… in which, obviously, the cancer came out slightly ahead,” begins his self-written obituary.

Robert’s irony and straight-forward honesty comes across in the written word just as it did in the few liquor-enhanced conversations I had with him in Daddy’s.

Robert was committed to the Leather Community and involved in a lot of other areas of San Francisco that mean little to me. It didn’t matter. 

I’ll miss his willingness to share a conversation and his ability to be truly interesting about arcane stuff. Whenever our paths crossed, I’d go away glowing because I’d found another example of the wonderfulness of San Francisco.

Robert’s last column talked about his cancer.  The publication he wrote for,, is dark in his honor.

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