A Pew in the J-Church of Christ Congregation

LJ's picnic in San Francisco's Dolores Park

redozdachs and I ventured to Dolores Park today for the LJ picnic.  We enjoyed meeting/re-meeting folks! The sermon was a special treat, too!

About 20 pictures of the day are posted in a gallery. (If the captions offend anyone, please let me know — that’s not the intention!) 

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8 Responses to A Pew in the J-Church of Christ Congregation

  1. fuzzygruf says:

    Great pics! I cropped one of Curtis & Paul to be LJ icon-size in case they want it. I really like that one pic of Steve. I’m stealing it!

  2. sfmini says:

    Turbo is honored to have double billing 🙂

  3. billeyler says:

    What a loverly bunch of coconuts!

  4. excessor says:

    You clearly have a gift—what a great set of photos!

  5. bigredpaul says:

    I’m changing my name to Susan Storm!

    Nice pics…

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