Barbara Bush Relocated

Once again Andy Borowitz is the first to get the facts to the public… In the wake of the former First Lady’s sensitive remarks on the hurricane refugees we now know how Ms. Bush is being, mmm…, protected.

Get the details:  Barbara Bush Relocated

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3 Responses to Barbara Bush Relocated

  1. dr_scott says:

    Heh. What we need is an American Idol-like program where public figures can be sent to a Gulag for those foot-in-mouth moments. Like Martha Stewart’s imprisonment, nothing declasse, just a timeout to learn to think before speaking. 🙂

    • ozdachs says:

      I don’t know about a Gulag… that sounds so cruel. But, instead of having FEMA head Michael Brown being sent back to Washington where he’s looking forward to drinking a “stiff margarita”, I’d send him to the Astrodome or other refugee center. I’d introduce him to the people he has been working so hard to help, close the door, and walk away.

      • dr_scott says:

        I’m sure from his point of view he did work very hard. He’s just a good example of the Peter Principle. One wishes we still had the code of public service that told you what to do when something you were directly in charge of went wrong enough to reflect badly on your government: resign with a reserved expression of regret.

        It’s amusing how the same Congresspersons who confirmed him with minimal examination despite his lack of qualifications now are all sanctimonious about how unqualified he was….

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