Productivty and Computers

A new desktop computer arrived with the UPS man Friday evening. It’s fast with great capacity and included a nice large monitor as the special come-on of the Dell week.

Of course, with the arrival of the new machine I have been absolutely unproductive for days. The shelpping out of the old, unworking desktop to the garage was simple. Getting the new model to display the “Welcome to Windows” greeting to me took only minutes. It’s the days of feeding CDs into the hungry maw of the new beast that’s taken the time. Rejiggering the application settings, entering license codes, and making the work environment comfy again has been as frustrating as the new technology has been impressive.

I appreciate that my web design and internet promotion business “makes” me have a hot computer. The IRS will help in its purchase, and I am even beginning to believe that the new PC will offer enough speed so that my dawn-to-dust work schedule will actually take only the daylight hours. I am fortunate indeed to have the chance to load up another computer with both work and fun toys.

Still, it would have been nice to dance to Anne at PACE or Midnight last weekend. But, the computer already had me trained. My place was at the desk, serving bits into the drives and hitting any key when told to.

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  1. allanh says:

    NOW I tell you …

    When moving from Windows computer to (newer) Windows computer, I’ve found a great product that saves me much time and money. It has the perfectly preposterous name of “AlohaBob PC Relocator”. For $30 (purchasable and downloadable online), it’s been a lifesaver.

    The program will rate all installed applications on your old machine for portability, and will transfer the installed apps that you designate to the new machine. It will also transfer your data files, wallpaper, desktop settings, screen saver, etcetera.

    It used to take me 3 to 4 days to switch to a new laptop. With PC Relocator, the same process took me about 4 hours. I was mightily impressed.

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