Community Response to Governor’s Action on Marriage Equality Bill

SF Gay Center LogoFrom the SF LGBT Community Center and Equality California…


Thank you for your tireless efforts to convince Governor Schwarzenegger to sign AB 849 and make California the first state to enact marriage equality through legislative action.

The day the Governor acts — which could be as early as Friday – we will join together as a community to respond. We will rally at 5:00 pm at Harvey Milk Plaza, (corner of Castro & Market) and then march to the LGBT Center (corner of Market and Octavia) for another rally.

We hope that the Governor will sign the bill and that we will have lots to celebrate! If he vetoes the bill, we will express our deep disappointment with the Governor’s failed leadership and speak out about the real harm that marriage discrimination causes LGBT people. Either way, we will celebrate the incredible gains we have made over the last year and reaffirm our determination to continue our struggle until we achieve full equality. We will speak the truth of our lives and stand up for our dignity as proud, peaceful LGBT people, families, and allies.

Please join us!

If you have questions, please e-mail [email protected] or call John at 415.377.7924.

Thank you!

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One Response to Community Response to Governor’s Action on Marriage Equality Bill

  1. campn says:

    I think we already know the outcome, but I’m gonna say another prayer that Arnold gets some nards and does the right thing.

    I SO make a sucky activist… seeing the null effects of all our efforts here, I’m just kinda, “fuck it.” *tired sigh* Good thing there’s folks out there with a lot more energy and drive to keep pushing.

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