What’s a UU?

Unitarian Universalists don’t have a creedal test of membership.  This leads to people ask “Well, what do you believe?”  And, it leads to lots of retorts, such as, “Well we can believe anything except that we, personally, are God.”

There are lots more jokes and cute lines, and all with elements of truth, I’m sure.

Right now my church is looking for a new minister (we pick our own), and part of the process is finding out what the members of our congregation believe so that we find a  minister who’ll be able to lead us successfully. Over half of our members answered the survey.  If you want to find out what 341 San Francisco Unitarian Universalists think and who we are, check out the results.

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  1. dr_scott says:

    My favorite is the UU bumper sticker: “HONK IF YOU’RE NOT SURE.”

    UU is really the inheritor of the New England Enlightenment tradition, and is a good distillation of the most progressive Christian thought. And shrinking, alas. It seems the “10 Minute Hate” style of religious group binding is making a comeback.

    Note how similar gay square dance people and UU people are… interesting.

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