Day 121 – Playing Around

There was lots of morning play. In fact the older dogs were exhausted early on. Only Apex stayed outside to monitor the puppy… and occasionally join in some random ball play or twig gnawing.

AuRoara has been expert going up the stairs for a while. She still doesn’t go DOWN all the way, though. She’ll take the first step down to the landing, but then stops.

She’s also started going up one stair, going along it, and then she’s able to jump down to the ground again. Today she practiced the bottom stair maneuver a few times.

Incremental progress is important!

AuRoara Playing along the Bottom Stair
Exploring along the Bottom Stair.
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One Response to Day 121 – Playing Around

  1. Wendy says:

    Boys! She’s growing up so fast! What a beauty…are you coming to the GGDC specialty on February 15th? Baths are great for desensitizing and Abel just talks through his ever y time, it’s hilarious😍

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