Day 5 – The Tale of Two Puppies Continues

Our puppies continue their divergent paths.

Metro did only okay overnight, the hospital said. He started losing weight, so they put him back on tube feeding for a while. He is also being bottle fed. His weight went from 139g yesterday night, down to some unspecified level overnight, and back to 136g this morning.

The doctor said that they might want us to bring Zenith and MUNI over to Metro sometime today to see if chewing on Mom will help him.

The doctor said that all Metro’s vitals… except for eating and weight… are fine. Heart, lungs, and a few other parts are great. No cleft palate. They think he was simply born premature and needs time to catch up.

MUNI, on the other hand, is loving life. She’s up to 8.99 oz from 7.7oz yesterday morning.

Zenith is eating well, but I wish she’d drink a lot more and do some regular outputs. TMI?

Here is a photo of the stay-at-home’s this morning.

Day 5 - MUNI Next to Mom

Day 5 – MUNI Next to Mom

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