Day 54 — Taking on the Adults

MUNI started off the day at a fiesty 3 pounds, 13 ounces, up 2 ounces from just yesterday. Well, maybe her weight isn’t necessarily feisty, but everything else abut her is turning out that way.

It’s a good thing!

Day 54 -- MUNI Challenges the world from the whelping box.

Day 54 — Woof! or Grrr!!!

She’s playing hard three or four times a day. Her sessions are pretty aggressive, fearlessly playing with any adult, canine or human. If she had litter mates we probably wouldn’t find her attacks on them so fierce, but watching her pose and “Grrr!” at her mother, aunt, grandmother, or Paris is a kick.

The adults for the most part are happy to have her around… we think. Zenith frequently — and Apex sometimes — will parry MUNI’s attacks with chasing moves. Apex has also seemed to roll the ball in MUNI’s direction… sometimes.  Other times Apex is horrified that the puppy has started gnawing the ball that Apex had brought to a daddy for throwing.

Things to work out!

Day 54 -- Determination

Day 54 — Determination

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