Day 61 — Maintaining Traditions and Meeting MORE People

After the big Thanksgiving dinner for the humans, we all weighed ourselves this morning. In Aurora’s case — and only in her case! — heavier is better. Today she was 4 pounds 6 ounces.  That’s five ounces more than the last time we weighed her five days ago. Good girl!

The pack stayed together and decompressed most of the day. By “decompress” I mean run, chase, chew, and snarl for an hour or so followed by complete collapse for several hours; repeat!

Aurora’s newest discovery is how to walk up the side of the decomposing planter box and join generations of dachshunds in staring at the world from its heights.

Day 61 -- Aurora reviews the world from the planter box

Day 61 – The Tradition Continues: Dachs in a Box

Cute girl!

Geoffrey did some work on his computer in the TV room. The pack happily joined him.

Geoffrey and the pack on the bed

Day 61 — Find the Hidden Dachshund How many dogs are on the bed? Look carefully at Zenith.

Click on the picture (and any picture in the blog!) to see a larger version. In this case, even clicking may not help you count all pack members. Aurora is snuggled up to her mother’s underside!

The long weekend let Aurora show off to more visitors.

We were very happy to have our neighbors come over to see the puppy that the must have been hearing throw temper tantrums!

Marjorie and son with Aurora

Day 61 — Charming the Neighbors

Aurora showed off her ability to run and hold on to the ball at the same time. She also enjoyed being held and petted — adoration is always a good thing.

Later Aurora met more friends for dinner. Ron and Richard were generous attention-givers, too.

Day 62 -- Richard and Ron Pose with Aurora

Day 61 — Richard and Ron Pose with Aurora

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