Day 75 – Variable Speed

We are still dealing with yesterday’s mastery of the up-staircase by Aurora. It’s cute, but it’s also a pain.

She is enjoying being able to cut short the sessions outside where she is told to do her doggy things.  Well, she’d like to cut these sessions short by running up the stairs and going inside. We’ve started closing the backdoor when we go out. Sigh!

The fun part for the humans is watching Aurora’s different approaches to the recently conquered stairs. Sometimes she struggle to pull herself up one step at a time. Other time she bounds all the way up. Why struggle and then bound? Hmmm?!!!

The humans themselves had a busy day! Paris had an ultrasound so we had to take her to the vet’s office at 8:45 and pick her up at 4. Geoff’s office had its holiday party, and Galen got to talk to a judge (but not for himself!). Fortunately, Uncle Tony came over and helped the pack mid-day.

Today’s picture came after the humans had unwound and were happy to supervise the play session in the backyard

Aurora playing with a plant in the backyard.

Day 75 — Eating is Playing, Says Aurora





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