Day 93 — Merry Christmas, Auroara! “Auroara”??

It was a big, busy day for the pack, both human and canine.

There was breakfast to enjoy, presents to open, dinner to prepare, friends to enjoy, and occasionally a moment to play with a puppy.

For her part, Aurora did a good job exhausting herself with the early morning play session. By the time serious cooking or serious present opening started, she was into a deep nap!

Aurora asleep on the hide-a-pet
Aurora on the Hide-a-Pet

The development in the puppy world today was reading her signature on the Christmas cards. Apparently, she is spelling her name Auroara.

We don’t know if the non-standard spelling will stick. Geoffrey’s family has a history of unique name spellings that do last though. Just consider his brother Richard, aka: Ric.

Personally, I like that her name might contain a mention of her ROAR.

Anyway. The guests and the girls made a wonderful Christmas for all us Ozdachs.

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