Don’t Fix Those Potholes – Alix for Supervisor

San Francisco League of Conservation Voters logoMy post on why I am voting to re-elect Bevan Dufty for supervisor wondered about why self-proclaimed environmentalists were backing another candidate.  I said I couldn’t figure out why they took their position from reading the campaign materials I’d seen.

Today’s mail answered my question. Here’s the reason they’re voting for Bevan’s opponent:

I am not inventive enough to make this up.

Yes, who could support a City Supervisor who focuses on everyday issues like potholes and the dull job of running the city?  I don’t know what “me-too votes” are, but they probably are for things like approving the minutes, okaying routine reports, and consent-calendar stuff like that. Yeah, who’d go along with those things when you can raise hell, jump and scream over those important items?

This is a great choice.  If you want the excitement of a Supervisor who will deal only with non-routine matters, then vote for Alix.  If you want a Supervisor who understands that much of government is dull, routine, and not flashy — and one who also has common sense ideas, vote for Bevan.

Thank you San Francisco League of Conservation Voters for your helpful slate card.

P.S. The SFLCV is also supporting Dan Kelly, the Board of Education incumbent that used incorrect grammar in his official ballot statement.  The group’s instinct for quality seems to be consistent. It just shows again that a group’s lofty-sounding name means nothing about their politics.

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