Fighting Cancer One Weed at a Time

Another 40-something friend is in the hospital, recovering from cancer surgery after months of chemotherapy designed to shrink the tumors.   The operation was about a week ago, and I think he’s cleaned up enough now for his three- and five-year-old daughters to visit him without freaking them out too much. Good surgical results, apparently, but not really good times.

Nothing for friends to do.

OxalisFortunately other church folks worked with the family and set up an online needs list at Lotsa Helping Hands. Behind a password we see what help around the house is needed (a meal on this day, shopping on that day), and sign up for what we can do.

It’s kinetic therapy for their friends. 

I took a turn at weeding this afternoon.  For two hours I felt like I was doing something.  Contributing. Fighting the cancer.

Damn, killing oxalis is great mood elevator. 

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