Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote for Torturers

I have sent in money to the Democratic Congressional Campaign because I believe the American values I grew up with are being attacked by committed, well-meaning ideologues who don’t let facts get in the way of their world view. These starry-eyed idealists look only at the ends and are committed to using any means to get them. Unfortunately for the country and the world, the means they use are sometimes both immoral and counterproductive. 

These misguided idealists are entrenched in power.  They are either Republican officeholders or else they are supported by Congressional Republicans.  It’s clear to me that electing a Democratic Congress is a critical step to reigning in the unchecked power and arrogance of the torturers, fact spinners, and others who ignore Christian morality even when using Christian-right rhetoric.  The country and the world needs a Congress that can investigate, subpoena, and cut off funds. We need Democratic majorities in the House and Senate.

Of course, having sent in money to the Democrats, I get more requests for money. This morning’s appeal, signed by President Clinton, I pass along with my own request that you consider clicking and giving more than you can afford. It’s time to spend money to help restore common sense in Washington.

Now, from Bill Clinton:

No single group of people has a monopoly on morality. No one party has the best ideas on how to keep us safe. Yet, a small group of people does have a monopoly on power in our government. And they’ve used that monopoly to prevent a true debate on how to grow the economy, to clean up and reform the political process and to protect our nation.

Each day brings greater evidence that America is ready for a new day.

Democrats have fresh ideas, progressive solutions, and a new direction for America. Expanding health care, making college education an opportunity for everybody, energy independence, and a raise in the minimum wage – when you hear talk of a “new direction,” this is what we’re talking about. But none of those things will become reality without a Democratic majority.

Make a secure contribution right now.

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