Tracking Your Members of Congress

Thanks to I surfed to the Washington Post’s comprehensive information on Congress. 

Great fun for political junkies!

The article touted the ability to get RSS feeds of your member of Congress’s votes.  There is a button for RSS feeds on the profile page for each Representative and Senator.

But, wait!  There’s more!

The individual member pages give thumbnail biographies and profiles of the districts, tell when the Senators are up for reelection, and list recent votes.  The vote pages for recent legislation also tells each member’s vote and the way the majority of Democrats/Republicans voted.  There are also intriguing pages with information about votes that passed with the narrowest margins, widest margins, and those that were “Late-night votes“.

“Thanks!” to the Post for giving access to news and not just the endless analysis that pollutes most news streams.

Sample Member of Congress information
Representative Nancy Pelosi
Senator Barbara Boxer 
Senator Diane Feinstein

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